A selection of portrait illustrations for commercial and self-promotional projects.

Brian Grazer, for Hemispheres Magazine
Prince Hall, for American Legacy Magazine
Ray Charles, for Ameristar Casinos
Barack Obama, for American Legacy Magazine
Sacajawea, for Harcourt Publishing
Frederick Gates, for University of Chicago
Natalie Merchant, for Elektra Entertainment
Amy Winehouse
Arrangement in Green
Professor Laurence Katz, for University of Baltimore
Mr. Nusbaum, for University of Chicago
Pope Francis, for Loyola Press
Al Gore, for McKinsey and Company
Dr. Münch, for HyPower Magazine
Lady Gaga
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins
Beck, for the Recording Academy
John Bogle, for Research Magazine
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